What is Casper Cloaking Film Price?

Casper Cloaking Film is made by Designtex, and it is an architectural film for glass walls which blocks LED screen information from outside viewers. The film material costs $227.55 per running foot, which is honestly not cheap to most of the customers.


Well, here is the big news! We brought you Nano Cloaking Film. And of course, affordable!


In short, Nano Cloaking Film shares with very similar functions as Casper’s do, but with a much much lower price, which is cost friendly to more users.


Take our standard size Nano Cloaking Film as example:

Standard Roll Size:

A)48inch × 100feet = 1.22m × 30.5m
B)54inch × 100feet = 1.37m × 30.5m
C)56inch × 100feet = 1.42m × 30.5m
D)59inch × 100feet = 1.5m × 30.5m

Cost per roll starts from USD 5582.0, cost per running metre starts from USD 244.0

When buying multiple rolls, we offer additional discounts.


For Big Brands OEM,dealer network and wholesale, please contact with our product manager for discussion.

Joe Son


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