Nano Cloaking Film

Nano cloaking film is a very special and rare window film privacy technology by NHDFilm. 

By sticking it on inner side of the partition glass, outside viewers can hardly see any contents from the meeting screens, while the glass panels still keep transparent see-through.

Nano cloaking film is available for standard roll size 48/54/56/59inch wide and 100feet long.

Maximum size of material could be up to 60inch (1.524 meters) wide and 500 meters long.

Excellent Screen Privacy

Nano Cloaking Film is an architectural glass film for protecting LED screen information. Different from the ordinary screen privacy film, which is usually attached to the laptop screen, 30 inches or smaller, only blocking the view from sides.

Nano Cloaking Films are more powerful!

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Powerful Window Cloaking

Nano Cloaking Film is adhesive, which is as convenient as usual window film to stick on glass. When people look through the glass, LED screen becomes completely dark as if someone turned it off.

Nano Cloaking Film supports privacy shielding from all angles.

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Easy Tint as Usual

Nano Cloaking standard product has a width of 48/54/56/59 inches and a length of 100 feet (30.5 meters), which satisfied with most office glass partitions. Maximum size of material could be up to 1.524 meters width by 500 meters long.

A specific patterned window film, such as 3M FASARA, is highly recommended to be pasted on the other side of glass wall for decoration purpose.

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State-of-the-Art Design

The privacy film material is precisely made with a specific nano-scale optical structure on a polyester film by an etching process.

Its excellent adhesive performance ensures the film firmly attached to glass surface.

Nearly 90% of transparency creates state-of-the-art design.

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Green & Guarantee

REACH & RoHS Compliant. Green for building!

Flammability ASTM E 84 Class A Passed.

Fire Safety EN 13501-1, under testing!

VOC CA13501, passed!

5-year Warranty!

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Shipping Worldwide

NHDFilm have strong production capacity and sufficient inventory. Thanks to DHL global express network, which can deliver our films within one week.

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Values for Partners

We are looking forward to communicating with office designers, interior space companies and thousands of window film installers in continents!

We are happy to to cooperate with distributors, dealers and retailers. Let's create new value!

We are exciting to work with big brands including IWFA member manufacturers to bring nano cloaking films to each office!

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