Nano Cloaking Film in NOMURA Shanhgai

Nomura is a world-class Japanese comprehensive space production company, managing exhibitions in commercial facilities, hotels, offices, museums, art galleries, showrooms, etc. Nomura’s services are covering the entire process of building decoration, and it is in a leading position in Aisa.

NanHai Display was choosen to supply with a privacy protect technology for their glass partitions in new office in Changning, Shanghai. Sure we know Casper Cloaking Film from Designtex will perfectly works. But What about the alternative product Nano Cloaking Film?

#1 Display Room

Nano Cloaking Film looks like a normal transparent & dark color poly window film with double-sided protection. The back side adhesion comes with a release layer, which is pasted on inner side of the partition glass (same side with the display screen); Its front side comes with a protective liner, which effectively reduces the surface damage during the wet lamination.

In Nomura’s office case, Nano Cloaking Technology was provided with a fixed width 1220mm and 30meters roll length. Engineers first calculated the size, roughly cut 23 pieces films ( there are 23 glass panels), then mark the size of films to match with each glass panel.

#2 Dimension Room
#3 Large Meeting Room

Nano Cloaking Film developed with a strong glue. When the film is applied to wet glass, it can be firmly adhered to the glass surface without falling off. Only need to slowly scrape off the blisters, trim the film edges, then let it dry naturally.

Casper Cloaking Film can effectively isolate the content on the LED screen, so that people outside cannot spy on it, Nano Cloaking Film shares the same thing. But make sure that the protective film be peeled off to exert the effect of the cloaking technology, which Casper does missing that protective layer.

“It is a truly interesting glass privacy technology, really useful and cost effective” NOMURA’s project manager Mr.Xu said.

#4 Sound-absorbing Room
#5 Gradient Room


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