Casper Cloaking Film Alternative from NHDFilm

Nano Cloaking Film is a architectural glass film for conference screen’s privacy. Different from the ordinary screen privacy film, the latter one is usually attached to the laptop screen, most of which are smaller than 30 inches, and can only block the view from sides of the screen.

Nano Cloaking Film is adhesive, which is as convenient as usual window film to stick on the inside of the glass partition. After the mounting job is completed, the appearance is black and transparent. When people look inside through the film area, the screen at this time turns completely black as if it was shut off. Nano Cloaking Film supports privacy shielding from all angles.


The screen cloaking material is precisely made into a specific nano-scale optical structure on a polyester film by an etching process. The finished product has a width of 48 inches (1.22 meters) and a length of 100 feet (30.5 meters), which satisfied with most office glass partitions. We can also provide specific patterned window film to be pasted on the outside of the partition for decoration purpose.


The excellent adhesive performance ensures the film is firmly attached to the glass. Nearly 90% of transparency create state-of-the-art design. The 5-year long warranty makes our customers no worry at all.


Nano Cloaking Film is currently a very special and rare film partition solution on the market that can not only protect screen privacy information, but also maintain glass see-through transparency, which provides more possibilities and practicability for the current office space design.


NHD's Nano Cloaking Technology has being developing for 3 years. Currently,we have strong production capacity and sufficient inventory. Thanks to the DHL global express network, it can be delivered almost within one week.


We are looking forward to cooperate with office designers, interior space companies and thousands of window film engineers all over the world!

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